Raman’s temper makes him pay a hefty price in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman gets drunk and hits someone’s car. The men stop him and ask him to pay for the loss. Raman argues with them. Raman gets into a fight with some men in compound. Ishita, Ruhi and Pihu see Raman fighting. Pihu goes to stop Raman. Raman angrily hits the man and Pihu falls down by a push. Ishita worries for Pihu. Mr. Bhalla and Adi hold Pihu.Ishita gets angry seeing the girls getting scared seeing Raman’s fight. She feels Raman is insensitive and proved it again.

Romi takes Raman home. Ishita wants to teach a real lesson to Raman this time. She can’t believe how Raman just thinks for his sorrow and pain. Ishita and Raman have a heated argument at home. She thinks to have some new idea to change Raman. She thinks to walk out of home. Ishita announces to Bhallas that she will leave home along with Ruhi and Pihu. Ishita takes Ruhi and Pihu with her, and leaves with Appa. Will Raman change for family’s sake? Keep reading.


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