Bhavani’s stormy entry next in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Sita’s mum makes a dramatic entry in Modi house. She kicks the door and gets inside. Gopi asks who are you, and how can you come here this way. The Gujarati lady has come in Dabangg style. She scolds Gopi and calls her less in status than her. The lady Bhavani is Sita’s mum. She does not give her introduction to Gopi. Gopi says no one talks in high tone in our house. Bhavani tells her that she is sarpanch of 21 villagers, she can find about her on google. Sita gets scared seeing her. Bhavani asks Sita to come out.

She scolds Sita and hurts her. Sita begs her to leave her. She slaps Sita. Gopi angrily pushes Bhavani. Bhavani goes to hit Gopi with her stick. Jaggi holds the stick and saves Gopi. Bhavani asks him to leave the stick and sit aside to see the drama, if she raises hand on him, he will lose respect. Police comes there and tells Modis that Bhavani has filed missing report few days back. Inspector asks Sita to come along with Bhavani. Sita refuses to go with Bhavani. Inspector tells Bhavani that Sita is adult and she can decide for her life. Gopi shows the door to Bhavani and makes her leave.



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