Dadi glad to see Shivay-Anika’s love strength in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: New twists mark beginning of fresh love tale

Dadi and supporters meet Shivay and Anika. Dadi asks Anika is she fine, as she is getting hurt when Shivay got shot. Dadi senses their strong relation and love. She tells real love starts after marriage, which completes a person. Dadi asks Omkara what does he think of love. Omkara gets a chance to say poetry. Dadi says its easy to marry, its tough to keep the marriage. Rudra and Soumya also get a lesson.

Dadi tells Shivay and Anika are Ishqbaaz, love after marriage is so strong that breath can break out, but relation still stays. She tells Shivay and Anika’s journey started now. Dadi asks Shivay to say if he agrees. Omkara asks Shivay where is he lost. Dadi says Shivay got affected by my love. Shivay says I don’t believe in love. Dadi says where there is love, words are not needed, life may get many problems, when person has a life partner, the journey gets easy. She unites Shivika. Rudra can’t handle Dadi’s emotional talk.

Dadi says you will like this talk when you fall in love with someone. Dadi understands Shivay’s test to get in dilemma to choose love or family, mother or wife. She asks Shivay to balance his life and relations, and not forget he is a son and husband too. Dadi eases Shivay’s problem. Dadi tells Anika that love happens with husband, but relation is with entire family. Dadi shows belief in their love. Rudra asks Dadi to change the topic. He nicknames Shivay and Anika as Billu and Billi, cat couple. Rudra asks them to come for a Oberoi moment. He says Soumya can’t join us, as she is not a Oberoi. Soumya gets sad thinking of their marriage. Omkara regards Soumya as sister and makes her join them in their Oberoi moment.


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