Happy time for Chandra and Nandini…

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Chandra and Nandini reach the village, where Chandra has grown up. Chandra shares his childhood experiences with her. He feeds the cows and spends good time. He gets angry seeing a couple fighting. The man asks his wife to leave from his house, while the wife stays adamant to stay with him. The man complains to Chandra. Chandra and Nandini imagine themselves and relate their chemistry. The scene gets funny, when Chandra tries to kick her out and she refuses to leave. Later, Nandini goes to draw milk from the cow, but gets tensed thinking the cow will hit her. Chandra sees whether Nandini can do it.

Nandini was raised in palace and does not know to do day to day household work. Chandra makes fun of her and says I did not know milk is drawn this way, I think person should sit and draw milk. Nandini says I know it, I was doing the work now. He teases her. Nandini manages to draw the milk. Nandini gets to know many new things, which are part of village life.






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