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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani: Raja is crying and sees Rani’s photos. He thinks of Rani. The candles placed close become a reason of fire. Raja gets a shocked seeing photos catching fire. Raja goes mad to save Rani’s memories. His heart goes out to save the memories. Raja burns his hand to blow off the fire.

Chandra Nandni:


Chandra and Nandini reach the village, where Chandra has grown up. Chandra shares his childhood experiences with her. He feeds the cows and spends good time. He gets angry seeing a couple fighting. The man asks his wife to leave from his house, while the wife stays adamant to stay with him. The man complains to Chandra. Chandra and Nandini imagine themselves and relate their chemistry. The scene gets funny, when Chandra tries to kick her out and she refuses to leave.


Omkara gets angry knowing about the video clip. There is big fight happening in Oberoi house. Omkara gets into a big argument with Tej. Omkara rages seeing Jhanvi’s state and does not want to leave Tej. Shivay and Rudra stop Tej, and ask him to control himself. Omkara calls Tej a murderer, who has made Jhanvi fallen into such state.


Arjun is marrying Maya, and does not know she is a pyscho. Maya’s father makes plan to kill Maya and Arjun and pass his love to Maya by this revengeful step. He gets a gun and fixes silencer. He aims at Maya and Arjun to shoot them down. Arjun and Maya are unaware of upcoming danger. Arjun and Maya will take wedding rounds around someone’s funeral. Maya is going to make a never-ending relation. Whom will Maya kill to end the hurdles in her marriage?

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Villagers have come to Harak Singh’s house. Harak tells Harman that Soumya’s kinner truth should not come in front of everyone. The villagers ask Harak if Soumya is standing in elections. Harak worries as his respect is important for him. The villagers show the poster. Surbhi comes there and covers up to save the family respect. Surbhi stands for Soumya. Kareena has played this trick against Soumya and tried to expose her. Surbhi ends the villagers’ doubts. She does not want Soumya to fall in problem. She asks Soumya who is behind this. Soumya does not tell Surbhi. Surbhi thinks Soumya is hiding something from her, but does not stress her.


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