Rocky’s rescue and romance next in Naagin 2


Rocky always felt that Shivangi is his enemy. Shivangi saved Rocky from Mahish and proved that she loves Rocky a lot. Rocky thanks Shivangi and wants her to drink with him. Shivangi asks him is he mad. He says your anger is always on seventh sky, its amazing to see you. Rocky flirts with Shivangi. They have a romantic moment. Rocky wants to express love and misses to say right. Shivangi goes to get coffee for Rocky. Shivangi makes the coffee herself. Sesha meets Shivangi and asks her how did Rocky get fine. Shivangi says Rocky got fine because of Naagmani, thanks for your help. Sesha asks her where is Naagmani now.

Shivangi says I have no idea, I have seen same man in the hospital, whom I saw at temple, he has run away with the Naagmani. Shivangi lies to Sesha. Sesha and Shivangi can get against for Naagmani again. Sesha doubts Shivangi has kept Naagmani somewhere. Yamini and Avantika do not believe Sesha. Sesha spies on Shivangi to get Naagmani. She doubts Shivangi is a Naagin.


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