Beyhadh – Maya-Arjun’s marriage

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Maya and Arjun sit in the mandap for marriage. Arjun romances with Maya. Everyone asks Arjun to wait till the marriage. They all laugh. Arjun’s mum stops Arjun and asks him to leave the mandap for her sake. She orders Arjun to leave. Arjun does not understand what’s happening. Maya holds Arjun’s hand. His mum drags him and takes him along.

Maya gets heartbroken and runs. She gets a big shock. Saanjh gets Arjun back to mandap. Saanjh loves Arjun a lot. Saanjh says today either Maya will come back to you, else you will be forgetting her forever. Arjun asks Saanjh why did she come in his marriage.

Saanjh asks him not to take Maya’s name now. Maya is scared that Saanjh will tell her truth. Saanjh wants to prove Maya is crazy. Saanjh tries to prove Maya’s insane behavior. Saanjh knows Maya’s madness truth. Ashwin tells Saanjh and Arjun’s mum about Maya’s mental state. Maya goes and locks herself in the room. Jhanvi asks Maya to open the door. Saanjh asks pandit ji to start the mantras, Maya will either come or go away from Arjun. What step will Maya take? Will Arjun marry Maya? Keep reading.






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