Meghna sticks to revenge motives in Swabhimaan


Meghna asks Kunal to take her on a drive. Kunal feels odd to go for drive on their wedding night. Meghna asks Kunal if he is scared of family. Kunal agrees to her and tells her that he is not scared of anyone. They go on a drive and spend some time outside the house.

Meghna then asks Kunal to drive home soon, as she does not want to miss the morning prayers. Kunal and Meghna arrive late in puja. Meghna gets scolded by Maasi.

Maasi asks did I not tell you about the family traditions, you did not tell any of us, you have switched off phone and stayed out of home all night. She asks Meghna not to say a word now, as they did not tell her anything after Meghna did what her wanted.

Kunal defends Meghna. He says I insisted to take Meghna out, she was refusing and told me that she does not want to get late for puja, I did not listen to her. Dadu also saves them. Meghna intentionally missed the puja to hurt the family‚Äôs sentiments. She feels sorry for Kunal, but is determined to take revenge for Sharda’s insult. Kunal loves Meghna a lot and takes blame on himself to save her. Dadu asks Meghna and Naina to cook food today, as its their first Rasoi ritual. He says whatever they cook by food, if it touches their hearts, they will get a nek. Meghna thinks to spoil the rasam and upset everyone. Keep reading.


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