Shivay decides to discard Roumya’s marriage in Ishqbaaz


Soumya is very much hurt by Rudra’s marriage decision. She sees her mangalsutra. Anika comes there and finds Soumya upset. She asks Soumya what is she hiding. Soumya tries to cover up first. Anika checks the mangalsutra and gets puzzled. She asks Soumya about it. Soumya says it’s a college play prop. Anika doubts on Soumya. She asks Soumya if she is fine. Soumya does not confide anything.

Shivay tries finding out about the attack on Anika. Anika goes to talk to Shivay about Rudra’s marriage decision. Shivay tells her that he has found about Sonia, she is really good and she is perfect match for Rudra. She asks is blood and family line enough for a happy marriage. He asks her not to start it again. She says relation is incomplete without love. He asks her not to worry, Rudra values this relation, knowing two companies’ future depends on this relation. She says marriage does not happen this way. They have an argument.

Tia sees them arguing and asks Romi to send the video to Anika. Anika gets the MMS. She gets a big shock seeing Rudra’s marriage with Soumya. She says Rudra is married. Shivay asks Anika what is she saying, Rudra is married, is she mad. She says I m saying truth, Rudra is married to Soumya. She asks him to check it himself. Shivay also receives a shock.

Shivay tells this shocking thing to Omkara. They confront Rudra. Shivay slaps Rudra for hiding such a big thing, how could he hide about marriage and lie to them. He asks Rudra why did he talk of responsibilities when he could not tell about his marriage. Omkara asks Rudra why did he lie knowing they hate lies. Anika tries to know about the marriage truth. She asks Soumya how did Rudra and she got married. Soumya tells the entire marriage chapter.


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