Shivangi to lose special powers to win Rocky in Naagin 2

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Rocky looks for Shivangi. He finds her in some worry. He cheers up Shivangi and asks her for a dance. He expresses his love. Shivangi is in love with Rocky. Rocky gifts Shivangi on valentines. Shivangi thanks and hugs him. Rocky and Shivangi have a romantic dance. She is forgetting her motives gradually.

Rudra calls her to meet at temple. Rudra asks Shivangi what will she choose, love or revenge, what if Rocky asks her to forget her revenge motives. Rudra came to take revenge, but now Rudra is also in fall with Shivangi and wants Shivangi to get away from Rocky. Rudra reminds Shivangi why they are together in this motive to get Naagmani and take revenge.

Shivangi does not understand as she is madly in love with Rocky now. Shivangi tells Rudra that she loves Rocky and is ready to lose her powers for Rocky’s sake. Rudra thinks to fulfill the revenge motives before Shivangi gives up her powers. He says you are a good bahu and good wife, but you forgot you are a Naagin, you went in that house to take revenge, what will happen when Rocky knows you are a Naagin, that you killed his family, what will he do, will he accept you. He asks her to forget Rocky and focus on killing their enemies. He tries to change her mind. She does not agree to Rudra and leaves from the temple.






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