Shivay and Anika act very much supportive in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz shivay

Tej blames Shivay for leaking the video for his profit. He says you did not wish this deal to happen, you did not wish to see my progress, so you have used Rudra. Omkara defends Shivay. He says Shivay has always helped this family and secured all of us. Tej asks Omkara if you are so sure about Shivay, I will just find out and clear this. He calls the channel head to prove the truth. He asks the channel head to tell him the source of the video. He asks who has sent this video clip to your reporter, just send me that person’s number. Tej gets the person’s number and calls on it to expose Shivay. Anika’s phone rings, which comes as a shock for everyone.

Pinky asks Anika how can she ruin the family respect for her greed. Anika defends herself. Tej checks Anika’s phone and finds the video clip. He confronts her about sending the video clip. He remarks Shivay saved his image and used Anika to ruin them. He asks Shakti did he give such upbringing to Shivay to back-stab brothers. Shakti is very much sure that Shivay can never do this. He says Shivay is my pride, he will never do anything wrong. Pinky is glad that Shakti spoke at right time today. Pinky also denies the blames.

Tej says Shivay has sent this video clip by Anika’s phone. Pinky says Shivay can’t do this, Anika would have done this. She humiliates Anika for ruining Shivay’s life. Tej asks Anika why did she do this. Anika says I really do not know, I have not done this. Pinky asks Shivay to kick out Anika from their house, end this meaningless marriage and free us from this liar. Shivay can’t hear anything more against Anika. He stands by Anika and shows his belief in Anika. He refuses to believe any proof against Anika. He states Anika is innocent, if anyone points finger at Anika, that would mean that person is pointing finger at me. Pinky feels Anika did black magic on Shivay. Shivay asks her to stop wasting time on nonsense, we should better find the person leaking the video. Tej threatens Shivay to ruin him, if Shivay is responsible for this video leak.


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