Shocking: Omkara to marry Shwetlana in Ishqbaaz


Shivay is worried and calls Tej. Tej does not answer. Shivay asks Anika to keep trying to reach Tej. Dadi and Shakti ask Anika what is the matter. Anika tells them that Tej is getting engaged to Shwetlana today. Dadi gets shocked, realizing Jhanvi is in painful state after the terrible fire incident. Shakti asks how can Tej do this.

Tej comes home. He tells his family that no one needs to interfere in his personal life, he can decide anything he wants and he is not answerable to anyone. Dadi asks Tej how can he do this, does he have any shame or not. Tej tells Dadi that Jhanvi and my relation is just namesake now, once I get divorce, I will marry Shwetlana, none can stop me from doing so.

Shwetlana comes downstairs and Tej opens the arms for her. He forwards hand to her, while Shwetlana passes by Tej and goes to hold Omkara’s hand. Omkara wants to stop Tej from abandoning Jhanvi and ruin Tej’s dreams. Omkara will be getting engaged to Shwetlana. Tej, Shivay and everyone get a huge shock. Omkara and Shwetlana exchange rings in front of Tej and entire family. Tej was deciding to start a new life, and this happens shockingly. Omkara is taking revenge from Tej and takes away Shwetlana from Tej. Omkara asks Shivay and Anika not to stop him, he has taken the decision, and that’s final. Tej asks Shwetlana what’s happening. Omkara asks Tej not to talk to his fiancee, we have got engaged now. There is much drama ahead in upcoming track. Keep reading.


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