Tanuja and Rishi to part ways in Kasam

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Tanuja and Rishi are sorrowful to take divorce. They want to end their marriage, which is not possible. Tanuja loves him a lot. She knows that she is unlucky for Rishi, till she is in Rishi’s life, he will have danger on his head.

Tanuja and Rishi sit to talk to the judge. She suddenly starts feeling restless. She gets shocked seeing Rishi’s hand hurt. She asks him to take care, why does he not be careful, the nail has hurt his hand and he should get first aid. Rishi sees her real concern and feels sad. Tanuja feels his pain.

The judge sees their love and asks them why are they taking divorce if they have so much pain, when Rishi got hurt, he did not even notice, but you got pain and checked him if he got hurt, how did you feel his pain.

Tanuja and Rishi have much love in their hearts. Tanuja wants Rishi to be safe. She tells Rishi that she is doing this for Rano’s happiness, everything will get fine after the divorce. They sign on the divorce papers and leave from there. Tanuja takes him to hospital for aid. Tanuja does not want anything bad to happen with Rishi.






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