Tej and Jhanvi’s divorce news upsets all in Ishqbaaz


Entire family gets a huge shock when they spot Jhanvi burning up. Shivay saves Jhanvi. Jhanvi gets immediate aid. The incident leaves the family stunned. Doctor tells Shivay that Jhanvi will recover, but it will take time for burn wounds to heal completely. Dadi gets shaken up realizing Jhanvi committed suicide. Shakti asks why did Jhanvi take such big step. Anika gets divorce papers she got in Jhanvi’s room. Shivay and Omkara feel disgusting seeing Tej and Jhanvi’s divorce papers. Jhanvi did not wish to agree to divorce and begged Tej. Tej blamed Jhanvi for not managing their marriage and children. Tej was adamant for divorce and forced Jhanvi to end the marriage.

Omkara gets raging and goes to hurt Tej for putting Jhanvi in such state. Shivay and Rudra hold Omkara and asks him to control himself. Omkara counts how many sacrifices Jhanvi made to keep this marriage, and how Tej killed her hopes and happiness. He calls Tej a murderer. Shivay hugs Omkara, Rudra and Priyanka. He assures to make everything fine and become Jhanvi’s support. Omkara’s tears rise Shivay’s anger. Shivay asks Tej to speak up, why did he do this.

Tej says Jhanvi and my relation was just a namesake one, Jhanvi is responsible for ending hope in this relation, she has created distance between me and my children, I declared to give divorce to Jhanvi when she has pushed Shwetlana down the stairs. Shivay defends Jhanvi. He asks Tej why is he forcing Jhanvi to end the marriage. Tej says its my decision, Jhanvi and I are getting divorced.

Omkara tells Tej that Jhanvi always tried to end his hatred towards Tej. He states today the good son in me burnt in that fire, Omkara who lived for relations and family died today, you will now see how my heart turns into a stone. He threatens Tej to be away from his sight to be safe. Tej laughs off on Omkara’s warning.

Dadi regrets seeing her family breaking. Pinky blames Anika’s bad luck for ruining the family peace and happiness. She nags Anika again. Shivay asks Pinky to stop it. Pinky warns Shivay to be careful and understand her, else even she can take such shocking step like Jhanvi. Shivay worries for Omkara.


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