Bhavani’s sugary scheme to trap Sita in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

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Gopi and Jaggi find Sita and reach Bhavani’s house. They see Bhavani behaving with Sita very well and showering love on her. Jaggi’s anger ends. Bhavani traps them in her web of lies. She says its enough of fights now, we will stay with love now. Jaggi asks why did you get goons to our house, if you asked us with love, we would have sent Sita along, you threatened us and also pulled Sita by hair, you locked us in our home and did not listen to us, that bad behavior made us assume you so bad. Bhavani apologizes to them.

Bhavani lies to Jaggi and Gopi, so that they drop Sita at her home. Bhavani has acted sweet and lied to them. She cooks a convincing story and thanks Jaggi and Gopi for getting her daughter back. Gopi tells Sita that she feels a last birth relation with Sita. She hugs Sita and blesses her. Bhavani folds hands and thanks Gopi. She says I love Sita a lot. Bhavani wants to get Sita married to her Balvivaah husband again. She is forcing Sita. Gopi and Jaggi will stop Bhavani.

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