Gautami’s return worries Shivangi in Naagin 2

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Shivangi cries thinking of Shivanya. Rocky consoles Shivangi and lends a supporting shoulder. Shivangi and Rocky have a sweet moment. Rocky can’t see Shivangi crying. Rocky wipes her tears. She blames herself for Manav’s death. Rocky asks her not to say that. Rudra comes home in Sardar disguise. He has become Jaspinder and came as chef for valentines’ party.

Its Shivangi’s plan to get Rudra home so that they can tackle their enemies. Rudra tells Rocky that he knows all the food cuisines. Rocky asks Rudra to make such good food that everyone enjoy the food. Rudra and Shivangi planned to kill someone in the party. Rudra will execute the plan. Sesha brings a twist and surprises Shivangi by getting Gautami home. Shivangi gets emotional seeing Gautami. Shivangi kept Gautami away for her safety. Sesha got Gautami and now Gautami is in risk. Shivangi asks Gautami to be alert, as Sesha and Yamini can use her.






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