Kunal’s love to answer Meghna’s anger in Swabhimaan


Kunal thanks Meghna for giving happiness to family. Kunal plays music and sings the song for Meghna. He impresses Meghna and hugs her. Meghna recalls Naina and Karan’s marriage and cries. Meghna’s tears will turn revengeful. Kunal asks Meghna why is she crying, when he tried to make her happy.

Kunal compliments Meghna that she looks more beautiful in anger. He is madly in love with Meghna and does not let any moment go off without expressing his love. Meghna finds herself lucky to get a good husband like Kunal. Kunal tells her that he will always give her reply with love, even if she gets angry. Meghna and Naina cook in kitchen. Meghna shows attitude to Kunal. She says its important to make food cook and become a good bahu, but a girl has to be much more than a cook at home. Kunal understands her. She is angry seeing Naina’s career getting wasted by her marriage with Karan. Kunal tries to calm down Meghna. He lifts Meghna and takes her along.


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