Valentines, celebrations and deadly plotting next in Naagin 2

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Rocky welcomes everyone in the party. He talks about love. He says everyone has different ways to express love, but the feelings and emotions are always same. He tells everyone that he wants to confess the feelings by his dance today. Rocky and his brothers dance and enjoy in the valentines’ party. Shivangi gets smitten by Rocky’s charm and dance moves. Rocky shows his cool moves on SRK’s song. Rudra has entered the party to kill Manav. Shivangi has laid the trap for Manav.

Yamini and Sesha see Gautami with Sushant. They plan to use Sushant. Shivangi is keen to kill Manav. This planning is the major thing happening in the party. Rudra and Shivangi meet secretly and have a discussion to execute their plan to kill Manav. Shivangi takes Sesha’s avatar. Shivangi tricks Manav and asks him to come with her. Rudra is very serious about taking revenge. Manav is one of the killer. Rudra succeeds to take revenge. Sesha eyes Rocky and is mad about him. Yamini taunts Sesha to always get busy in finding love. Till Rocky performs in the party, Manav gets killed by Rudra.






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