Santoshi Maa – Kamini’s devious plan

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Devi Paulmi tells Santoshi Maa that Santoshi will be sacrificed on Amavasya night. Santoshi and Kaka follow Kamini and find her doing the evil powers mantra havan. The evil lady asks Kamini about the sacrifice she will present to Devi Paulmi in order to get more special powers. Kamini tells she will give sacrifice of a human, and shows Santoshi. The evil ladies catch up Santoshi and Kaka, while they try to run away. Kamini ties up Santoshi and goes to sacrifice her. Santoshi Maa comes to Santoshi’s rescue.

Later on, Trishna plans a surprise to Dhairya. She wants to win Dhairya’s heart. Trishna and Dhairya are madly in love. Trishna makes Dhairya drink. They have a dance. Trishna tries to impress Dhairya. Trishna kept this romantic date to make Dhairya forget Santoshi completely.

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