Sesha to find Shivangi and Rudra’s connection in Naagin 2

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Rudra and Shivangi catch Manav. Shivangi spoke sweetly things of love and trapped Manav. Manav gets a shock when he saw Rudra in front of him. Manav asks Sesha why is she not attacking on Rudra. Shivangi takes her true avatar and says I m Naagin and want to kill you. Manav laughs and says till I have this locket, you can’t do anything, this will protect me.

Shivangi and Rudra throw things at him, and make him fall down. Rudra says now you will die by fire, even your Kawach can’t do anything. Naagin Shivangi blows off fire on him and burns the room to kill Manav. Even Garuda locket could not save Manav. One more killer of Shivanya has ended today. Everyone comes there hearing Manav’s screams. Rocky gets shocked seeing Manav in burnt state. He worriedly calls ambulance to rush Manav to hospital. Sesha started doubting Shivangi. No one doubts Shivangi. Rocky and family take Manav to hospital.






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