Shivay’s attempts to help out Anika in Ishqbaaz


Shivay is still the tadibaaz SSO. He asks Anika to get the mangalsutra and sindoor, and scares her with a knife. He threatens her and asks her to stay in room. Shivay is trying to make Anika recall the past. He fills sindoor in her maang, and makes her wear the mangalsutra. He tells Anika that he is her husband and he can never stay without her.

Shivay hugs Anika and expresses his feelings. He tells he just wants to see her as his wife, even if she does not remember anything. Anika gets touched by his gestures. Anika has lost her memory and does not know whom to trust. She gets up at night and leaves from the room. Shivay sees Anika sitting at the pool side and worrying. Shivay wants Anika to remember him, no matter what. He is working hard to help her recover her memory. Shivay is feeling guilty that Anika fell down by his mistake. He is making many attempts to make her recall everything. Their romance will be seen. Keep reading.


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