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Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai: Anita falls down and gets hurt. Tiwari does not help her, and instead laughs. Anita gets angry on him. The banana peel has done this with Anita. Anita scolds Tiwari and asks him does anyone laugh on others like this. She calls Tiwari a bad man to make fun of her. Tiwari likes Anita, and now he is getting laugh. He tells Anita that she is mistaken, he is not laughing on her, but there is some other reason. Anita finds Tiwari mad. Tiwari’s mum showed his kundli to pandit.

Pandit Ramphal asks Tiwari to keep laughing seeing any bad situation, and cry seeing good situation, so that his mum gets a life. Tiwari feels sorry to hurt Anita’s heart and asks Angoori to come along and explain Anita. Anita tells Tiwari that there is a good news, my gym centres will have four new branches now. Tiwari and Angoori start crying hearing this. Vibhuti asks them why are they crying hearing good news. Anita gets miffed again. Anita and Vibhuti annoyedly leave.



Rishi gives a rose to Tanuja. Tanuja and Rishi submit their divorce papers. Rishi tells Tanuja that they have submitted divorce papers on valentines’ day, and its very unfortunate. The kids get heart-shaped balloons there. Rishi and Tanuja forget about their divorce. They get happy. The valentine’s day is celebrated by them. Rishi makes Tanuja ready for the party. Tanuja finds it hard to accept what Rishi is doing. Rishi and Tanuja are one soul.

Naagin 2:

Rudra and Shivangi catch Manav. Shivangi spoke sweetly things of love and trapped Manav. Manav gets a shock when he saw Rudra in front of him. Manav asks Sesha why is she not attacking on Rudra. Shivangi takes her true avatar and says I m Naagin and want to kill you. Manav laughs and says till I have this locket, you can’t do anything, this will protect me.


Suraj is given the task to clean the village. Chakor asked him to do this to win hearts of villagers. The kids are innocent and don’t have any enmity with Suraj. The kids help Suraj in cleaning the village. Chakor thanks the kids. Suraj bonds with the kids for the first time. Suraj feels Chakor has thought of something. Chakor wants Suraj to earn forgiveness of the villagers.


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