Shivangi and Rudra target Yamini next in Naagin 2

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Rudra fools Yamini about the Naagmani and gets her to the temple. Yamini gets happy seeing Naagmani. She says Avantika and Sesha feel I m a fool and make plans against me, but I will show them who is the real player of this game, I m not a fool as those animals think. Yamini gets shocked seeing Rudra in Naag avatar there. She says so you are the Naag, but you can’t do anything, you can’t kill me, you will get burnt if you touch me.

Rudra planned this to kill Yamini first, as killing Avantika and Sesha is not easy for them. He says Yamini is a human and also a strong support for others. He holds Yamini’s hand and gets a shock. Yamini laughs. Rudra could not harm Yamini again. Rudra falls away when the Garuda locket touches him. Yamini jokes on Rudra to be the new bodyguard of Naagmani. Rudra wants to kill Yamini, as she is the mastermind of all crimes.

Yamini runs from them and reaches the cliff, where Shivangi stops her. Shivangi comes there in semi naagin avatar. Yamini does not see Shivangi’s face. Shivangi and Rudra attack Yamini. She asks Yamini to see her death today, Yamini will pay for all her sins. Shivangi tells Yamini that today Shivanya’s daughter has come to take revenge and now you will die. Shivangi says today the nature is with me, as I m right. Yamini challenges them to attack. She says I will see who kills me. She feels they can’t harm her. She bites Yamini. Shivangi and Rudra together try to kill Yamini. Will they succeed or not? Keep reading.






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