SuKor’s unique moment of glee in Udaan

Udaan: SuKor's remarriage, Gumaan's revelation and more...

Suraj and Chakor have a dance to celebrate their victory and happiness. Finally, Suraj has won the food for his survival. Suraj invites Chakor for dinner with love. He asks her will she have dinner with him in this five-star restaurant. They find happiness in the stinking stable. Chakor holds his hand and accepts his dinner invitation. Suraj and Chakor feed the food to each other. They are very happy to make Bhaiya ji lose.

Suraj and Chakor’s romance will be seen, after all the torturing drama. Ragini comes there and says I have got food for Suraj, but here Chakor has already got the food. She reminds Suraj that he has got less food as he is a bandhua. She asks him not to have food from Chakor’s plate, as her men will be keeping an eye on them. Chakor and the kids have fed Suraj well before itself. Chakor and Suraj do drama in front of Ragini, to show how they comply Bhaiya ji’s rules. Suraj bonds with the village kids and shares food with them.


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