Vikram’s re-entry to add twists in Naagin 2

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Rudra and Shivangi do not succeed to kill Yamini. Sesha and Avantika find Yamini at the cliff in nick of the time, and save Yamini from Rudra. Yamini was annoyed with them and did not know Vikram is alive.

Yamini fell from the cliff, but Avantika and Sesha save her. Yamini flies in the air, by Avantika and Sesha’s superpowers. Now the evil ladies will face Vikram. Yamini gets scared seeing Shivangi at home. She hides behind Avantika. Yamini now knows that Shivangi had attacked her. Vikram also knows Shivangi’s truth that she is a Naagin. Will Rocky get to know the shocking truth? Keep reading.






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