Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – Gulabo’s entry


Ishita hires a Nanny for Pihu. The lady troubles Pihu. Ishita makes a plan knowing this, and records the video of Nanny troubling Pihu. She scolds Nanny for behaving badly with kids, this is why people lose trust on others. Ishita calls police and gets the Nanny arrested. Nanny tells Ishita that Pihu is a spoilt brat and she would be better away from Pihu.

Raman comes to meet Pihu and guards stop him. Raman argues with them and asks them to let him go. Guards say Raman is not permitted. Raman gets angry and scolds them. Ishita has decided to not let Raman meet Pihu till he changes himself. Raman asks Ishita how can she stop him from meeting Pihu. They argue. Raman meets Abhishek and Divya at their home.

Raman says I want to become a mother, I mean a Nanny of my own kids. He asks Divya to help him in getting a makeover, new look so that Ishita can let him be with his kids. He tells them that Ishita gave the governess ad in paper and I have just this chance to be with Pihu. Divya agrees to help Raman. Abhishek feels it weird, but supports Raman. Raman thanks them. Raman will be taking Gulabo’s look. Raman as Gulabo reaches Ishita’s house to get the Nanny’s job. Keep reading.



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