Jaggi fulfills promise to rescue Sita in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

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Jaggi and Gopi worry seeing the marriage happening. They think Sita is getting married. Gopi gets a big shock and gets anger out on Jaggi. She says Sita got married in front of our eyes, Bhavani has won, you did not do anything, you were saying you can do anything to save Sita, you were ready to take any step for her, what happened now. Jaggi asks her to come. Gopi refuses to leave. Jaggi makes Gopi sit in the car. They leave. Gopi sees Sita inside the car.

Gopi gets shocked and happy. Jaggi tells Gopi that he has saved Sita and made her hide in the car. Jaggi has swapped the bride and saved Sita before marriage. He made Sita sit in the vegetable basket and got her inside the car. Bhavani did not know anything. Gopi thanks Jaggi and smiles. She thanks Mata Rani for helping them. Jaggi asks Gopi to control her excitement and not go backseat to hug Sita. Jaggi has fulfilled his promise to Gopi. Keep reading.






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