Brahmarakshas heads towards dramatic closure


Raina is going to kill Brahmarakshas, with the help of Narsimha. Raina tells Brahmarakshas that today his end is certain. Brahmarakshas and Narsimha have a fight. Brahmarakshas has a Mani and does not get affected by Narsimha’s attack.

Raina gets the Mani powers by getting the Mani in her hands. Brahmarakshas catches Raina’s beck and tries to kill her. Raina does not lose out and hits the devil. Rishabh and Raina together fight with the Brahmarakshas. Raina is determined to kill him. The climax of the scene will be very dramatic and full of action. Raina gets the sword and stabs Brahmarakshas. Raina beheads Brahmarakshas and tries to bury him inside the ground. Brahmarakshas opens his eyes, and the show will come back with a sequel.


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