Soumya gets ousted by Nani

Preeto-Harak humiliate Maninder in Shakti

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There is Shanti puja kept at Harman’s home. Soumya does the aarti and prays along with Surbhi. Preeto gets angry seeing Soumya doing aarti. Soumya then disappears from home. Harman gets angry and shouts out to Preeto to know about Soumya. He says you said Soumya went to temple, I went there and did not find her, where is she.

Harak calls Preeto at the same time. He hears Harman shouting and asking Preeto about Soumya. Harak plans and gives an aarti plate to Soumya. He comes home with Soumya. Harman asks Harak where did they go. Harak tells Harman that he got Soumya from temple. Harman asks Soumya why did she not answer him. Soumya’s father Maninder comes there to get Surbhi with him. Harak scolds him a lot. Preeto tells him that Surbhi can’t leave without her wish. They send away Maninder by insulting him. Soumya feels bad and holds herself responsible for all this.






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