Rishi and Tanuja to get kidnapped in Kasam

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Malaika has come back. She got Rishi kidnapped. Tanuja finds Rishi and reaches the godown. She asks him is he fine. He asks how did you come here. She says I came to save you. He asks are you mad here to come here, why did you not ask me before coming here. She asks how can I ask you, you have no phone, you should have taken kidnapper’s phone and taken selfie to send me, to tell me location. She says your hands are tied, not mine, let me help you.

She tells Rishi that she has heard Malaika talking on phone and got under the car dickey to reach here, she has tolerated so much troubles to come and he is asking her why did she come. He says I m the man, I m supposed to save you, why are you saving me. She says you are not a man, you are spiderman. She was freeing the ropes. She stops and asks him to be with goons and have a 15 day holiday with them. She asks him to get free on his own.

She says I will leave from here. He says you came here and that’s bigger problem for me. He asks her to leave. She does not go as she wants to save his life. They gave a funny nok jhok. Shekhar and the kidnappers come there and catch Tanuja. Tanuja came to save Rishi and got trapped. Rishi scolds the goons and asks them to leave Tanuja. Tanuja and Rishi’s noj jhok still continues. She tells Rishi about the property and engages the goon in the money talk. The goon asks them not to drag them in this husband and wife argument. Shekhar has kidnapped Rishi to get his property. Rishi says you will always be a beggar, you don’t even have a pen needed on time. How will Rishi and Tanuja get free? Keep reading.






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