High Five Spoilers

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya: Gaura has made Kokila reach jail. Gopi has got Sita back home. Gopi is away from Kokila. Gaura played her game well. Kokila is bearing the problems for her family’s safety and happiness. Kokila prays and is sure that Gaura’s evil will end soon. Kokila accepts the blame that she tried to kill Urvashi. She is helpless to take the blame on her head to save all the family members.

Naagin 2:

Sesha had captured Rudra in a box. She hurts Rudra and then releases him. Rudra calls her a coward and asks her why did she not fight with him. She says I have freed you now. He says I know you don’t need Naagmani, you are interested in Rocky.


Ragini gets Vivaan to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji welcomes Vivaan. Vivaan has cheated Chakor, Suraj and Imli. He has changed his side and joined Bhaiya ji. Chakor and Imli get a big shock. Bhaiya ji knows Vivaan’s talent and wanted him in his team. He praises Vivaan’s smartness, by which he got many profits before. Bhaiya ji declares in front of villagers that Vivaan will be managing his business now as his only heir.


Shivani is trying to save Rashmi from Veer’s tortures. Rashmi and Shivani are helping each other. Everyone is scared of Veer. Shivani is brought back to Berehampur. Veer troubles Shivani by putting the sugar syrup on her bed. He wants Shivani to come to him. He plays the trick, but his plan fails. Shivani leaves from the room.


Avni’s birthday is celebrated. Ashish is upset that Dayavanti went jail and got punished. Dayavanti is punished for her crime of murdering Aisha. Ashish can’t celebrate happiness with Avni. Avni explains Ashish that Dayavanti is paying for her crimes, she is snatched her mumma forever.


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