Kokila troubled by Gaura in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

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Gaura has made Kokila reach jail. Gopi has got Sita back home. Gopi is away from Kokila. Gaura played her game well. Kokila is bearing the problems for her family’s safety and happiness. Kokila prays and is sure that Gaura’s evil will end soon. Kokila accepts the blame that she tried to kill Urvashi. She is helpless to take the blame on her head to save all the family members.

Vidya comes to meet Kokila. She tells constable that Kokila needs specific medicines, I will note it down and give her. She is not able to convey the message to Kokila in front of the constable. Constable allows her. She writes a letter and hands to Kokila, stating what’s happening at home. Kokila reads what Gaura is doing at home. Kokila worries and thinks how to inform Gopi about Gaura’s truth. Will Kokila break Gauri’s planning? Keep reading.






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