Fun moments after kidnapping drama in Kasam

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Rishi and Tanuja get saved from the kidnappers. They run towards the jungle. Tanuja gets hurt by a thorn. They face some problems in jungle. They reach the temple. Rishi pulls her leg by saying the temple looks so scary, maybe there is some ghost.

Tanuja gets scared and then understands that Rishi is joking. They have a sweet nok jhok. Rishi falls asleep. He wakes up and gets a big shock. Tanuja scares him of a ghost. She turns into a scarecrow and laughs. Rishi gets shocked and calls out Tanuja to get her help. Tanuja laughs on Rishi. Rishi realizes Tanuja has scared him. She says I will never believe your horror story. He tells Tanuja that his heart was coming out by fear. He asks her to stop laughing and scolds her. Rishi worries on not finding her. They have sweet moments.

Shekhar and the kidnappers reach there again to catch Rishi and Tanuja. Shekhar tells Rishi that he would have left him free after signing the papers, but now the matter changed and got serious. He wants to kill Rishi. Rishi calls police and gets Shekhar and the kidnappers arrested. Rishi and Tanuja’s arguments bring a fun sequence. Rishi and Tanuja will head home. The track will have humor with Rishi and Tanuja’s tom and jerry fights. How will Rano react seeing Tanuja back in Rishi’s life? Keep reading.






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