Shivay-Omkara’s Combo – New highlight in Dil Boley Oberoi


Kaali’s men beat up Omkara. Shivay senses Omkara is in big problem and reaches Omkara in right time. Kaali and Omkara have a fight at the railway station. Kaali gets a sword to kill Omkara. Before Kaali could hit Omkara, Shivay comes there and holds the sword.

Shivay pushes Kaali away and kicks him. He tells Kaali that he won’t regret if sword kills him, but he can’t bear even a scratch on his brother. Omkara and Shivay hug. They beat up Kaali’s men and then fight with Kaali. Omkara is lucky to have a brother like Shivay. Both the brother’s swag takes Dil Bole Oberoi to new heights.


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