Anika propels Shivay to marry Tia in Ishqbaaz


Anika asks Shivay to marry Tia, as Tia is bearing his child. Shivay loves Anika. He asks does she not feel anything, no emotions…. He asks her to recall their relation. He asks if she will not care if he marries Tia. Anika says it won’t make any difference to me, you should marry Tia. Anika asks him when there are no feelings between them, why is she in his life. She asks Shivay to answer her questions.

Shivay gets upset with her. Anika says I m nothing but a problem in your life, so its better I leave from your life, so that you can marry Tia and stay happy. He says so you have decided that I should marry Tia. She says its final now. He tells her that he does not feel necessary to answer anything now. Anika is pushing him to get engaged to Tia. Shivay gets hurt and tells Anika that if this is her wish, then he will definitely fulfill her wish. He hurts himself and then agrees to marry Tia, seeing Anika unaffected.

Shivay compliments Tia that the green color suits her. Tia says you did not compliment me since long time. He apologizes to her and says I was after some responsibilities and did not focus on you, now I m free of all the responsibilities, I got a surprise for you. Tia asks what is it. He says its my heart and gifts her a beautiful ring. He says some people think I m heartless, so I got this heart, now none can comment bad about me, do you like the ring. Tia loves the ring.

Shivay makes Tia wear the ring. Shivay and Tia get engaged in front of everyone. Anika can’t believe the sight. Though, she has pressurized Shivay to get engaged, her heart gets restless like losing Shivay.

Tia is happy that Anika is making things easier for her. Pinky’s wish gets fulfilled. Shivay had to do this for Anika’s sake. Shivay hugs Tia. He believes Anika can recall everything seeing him with Tia. Anika tells Shivay that she will plan his wedding with Tia. There will be Shivay-Tia’s marriage functions seen once again. Keep reading.


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