Mani helpless to support Niddhi in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Mani is blackmailed by Niddhi. He is dancing on her fingers. Niddhi makes a plan to escape from prison and takes Mani’s help. She makes Mani dump a dead body. Mani gets in a big shock and can’t believe himself to do a crime on Niddhi’s orders. Mani is helpless. Mani asks Niddhi was this your plan. Niddhi says yes, don’t waste time, you got the ambulance which I said right, hurry up.

Niddhi dumps the body in the police van and lights the van, to prove that Niddhi has died in the fire incident. Niddhi asks Mani to drive the ambulance, and they leave from the spot. Raman comes there and gets shocked knowing the fire incident. Raman doubts Niddhi is alive and is surely threatening Mani. Will Raman find out truth and free Mani from Niddhi’s clutches? Keep reading.


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