Piyush to break ties with Roshni in Sasural Simar Ka


Piyush is angry and throws Roshni’s belongings out of the room. He scolds Roshni and asks her to leave from his house. Simar and Prem ask Piyush what is he doing. Piyush says I don’t want to talk to Roshni. He spoke to Vaidehi and got to know that Roshni tried to kill Vaidehi. He got angry on Roshni for ill treating Vaidehi.

Vaidehi is attacked again. Piyush doubts Roshni has done this again. He asks Roshni to tell where is Vaidehi. Roshni says I gave no idea about her. He shouts you are lying. Simar asks Piyush to stop it. He does not believe Roshni, when Roshni did not do anything this time. Roshni tells everyone that she did not hurt Vaidehi, she is not lying. She tells Simar that she won’t stay with Piyush if he does not trust her. She agrees to Piyush and shows her love for Piyush. Roshni really changed into good. Keep reading.


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