Raghav-Naina’s meet after a short leap in Pardes


The show takes a short leap. Raghav has turned into an angry young man. He has changed completely as Naina has hurt him a lot. Raghav is heartbroken. Raghav lands in India. Naina is sent by her office to receive Raghav. Raghav looks for the person who has come to receive him. Naina comes to the airport to pick him. Raghav and Naina look for each other. Raghav thinks to keep his bag and go to make calls to that person. He does not get network and goes out. Naina misunderstands him and doubts if he is a terrorist to park his bag and leave. Naina calls police to tell about the person. Raghav gets shocked seeing Naina. Naina gets to see a different Raghav.


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