Rishi and Tanuja’s dreamy romance in Kasam

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Rishi and Tanuja have come back to Bedi house. Tanuja dreams of Rishi and romances. Rishi and Tanuja have a SRK Kajol’s starrer DDLJ style filmi romance. Tanuja expresses her love to Rishi in the dream sequence. Rishi also dreams about Tanuja after seeing her photo. Rishi dances with Tanuja. Rishi and Tanuja confess love to each other.

They can’t live without each other. Rishi and Tanuja are very much in love, and will have to manage Rano. Rishi and Tanuja’s romance has always been the highlight of Kasam. Rano stands against Rishi and Tanuja’s love, while entire family supports the lovers. This time, there will be no drama and sorrowful moments. Rishi and Tanuja will convince Rano, while the comical and romantic track continues. Keep reading.






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