Swabhimaan – Sharda in trouble


Sharda spends time with Meghna and Naina. She says atleast you both came here for Pagphere ritual. She cries and gets emotional. Meghna and Naina lie in Sharda’s lap. Sharda feels happy to be with them. Sharda gifts IIM books to Naina, and says these books will give you self-confidence so that you always learn something in life and be confident in whatever you do.

Meghna gets Saraswati Maa idol. Sharda explains Meghna that Saraswati Maa gives education and sense also. She asks Meghna to hold good principles. Naina feels Sharda’s gift is best for her, as she could not continue her studies. Naina and Meghna relive the old moments with Sharda. Sharda asks them to stay happy in their inlaws home. Sharda will lose the house very soon. Will Meghna and Naina get to know that Sharda got homeless? Keep reading.


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