Avantika and Yamini’s move to acquire Naagmani in Naagin 2

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Shivangi’s enemy Vikram has come out. Avantika has filled life in Vikram to get the Naagmani. Shivangi and Rudra meet at the temple and think what to do of Vikram, either to kill him or use him by keeping him alive.

Rudra shows her a way to cage Vikram, as just Vikram knows how to kill Avantika. Shivangi agrees to Rudra’s suggestion. They plan to kill their next target Avantika. Yamini makes Shivangi unconscious and tries to trap her. She takes Shivangi to Naagmani and tells Uttara that now I will make Shivangi touch the Naagmani and then get that in our hands, then I will kill Shivangi. Shivangi fools Yamini and reaches Naagmani by her plan. Shivangi flees in snake avatar, while Yamini’s plan backfires miserably.






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