Ishqbaaz – Shivay’s decision


Shivay and Tia are getting married on Anika’s insistence. They have a formal engagement done for family’s sake. Shivay holds Tia’s hand, to show Anika. Tia is happy as she is getting close to her dream of ruining Oberois. Shivay acts romantic and expresses love to Tia.

Anika witnesses their moment. Her heart burns seeing Shivay and Tia. Anika is much affected, but keeps a smile on her face. Shivay wants to know if Anika will let the marriage happen. Shivay tells everyone that he finds himself lucky to get a girl like Tia, when he was already marriage. He tells Anika that he will rectify his mistake and spend his life with Tia. Shivay tries to make Anika jealous. She does not care, and wants Shivay to marry Tia. She feels a bit jealous seeing them. Shivay hopes Anika can get her memory back.

Shivay is worried for Omkara. He tries to get Mrs. Kapoor’s phone and delete the Daima’s video which has Omkara’s illegitimacy truth. Pinky tells Mrs. Kapoor to keep Shivay and Tia’s marriage date close. Mrs. Kapoor is blackmailing Shivay with Omkara’s truth. Shivay gets the phone and deletes the video. He keeps Mrs. Kapoor’s phone back. Mrs. Kapoor looks for her phone. Pinky introduces Shivay to the guests. Tia finds the phone and tells Mrs. Kapoor that phone was kept here itself. Mrs. Kapoor wonders how did the phone get displaced. Will Shivay succeed in his plans to stop Mrs. Kapoor’s evil plans? Keep reading.


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