Many shocking twists upcoming in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

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There happens a big blast done by Gaura. Gaura planted the bomb in Modi house. Gaura has the planning to kill entire Modi family. Sita finds the box and keeps it outside the house. Sita becomes the target instead Modi family. Sita gets injured.

Gopi and everyone come there and get shocked seeing Sita. Gaura sees Vidya and shuts her mouth. Vidya knew Gaura’s secrets. Gaura threatens Vidya and asks her to see that she can do anything with her family. Vidya gets scared and agrees to hide Gaura’s truth. Gaura leaves from there, while Vidya sits crying for her family. Will Vidya be able to save family?

Meanwhile, Gopi gets Kokila back home and gets a call from relative. She tells Kokila that she has to leave for Singapore, else it will be a disaster. Kokila asks her to calm down and tell her what happened. Gopi could not tell Kokila. Kokila is unwell and is staying at home for her care. Gopi asks inspector not to take Kokila to jail or hospital, as Kokila needs family care. Gopi asks Sita to take care of Kokila. Kokila permits Gopi to leave. Gopi packs her bag and leaves for Singapore. Gopi will be finding her son in Singapore. Keep reading.






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