New alliance for Rishi troubles Tanuja in Kasam

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Rishi and Tanuja have come back to Bedi house. Rano is recovering and will be seen on wheelchair. Even though, her plannings does not stop. Rano gets an idea to get rid of Tanuja. She hates seeing Tanuja with Rishi.

Rano invites a girl home. She is her friend’s daughter. She calls Nethra to introduce her to Rishi. She tells the family that Nethra has come here to study fashion designing. Nethra says I was finding an apartment to stay. Rano says I asked her to stay here till she finds a good flat. She decides to get Nethra married to Rishi. She introduces Raj and Biji to Nethra.

Rano tells Tanuja why she called Nethra home. Tanuja requests Rano not to make her away from Rishi, as she can’t stay without Rishi. She asks Rano not to get Rishi remarried. She says I can’t live without Rishi, don’t do this. Rano says you will live without Rishi, I will do such thing that Rishi leaves you and marries Nethra, even if you don’t this, this will happen, you will get away from Rishi. Tanuja is sure of her love and knows Rishi will not marry anyone. Rano tells her that this will be a test for Rishi and Tanuja’s love.






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