Chakor to ensure Suraj’s victory in Kabaddi match in Udaan


Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to fight Kabaddi with the team and win the match. Bhaiya ji keeps the Kabaddi match to trouble Suraj and Chakor. This time, he has kept the condition, that if Suraj wins the match, he will get his clothes. Chakor tells Suraj that they are together and win the match. Chajor encourages Suraj. Suraj got this new task to win match against a tough team.

Suraj loses in the first round. Chakor enters the ground to win the match to rescue Suraj. Chakor wants to win Suraj’s chance. Chakor does a superwoman act to play Kabaddi with tough team and win. The villagers praise Chakor and make fun of that Kabaddi player. The man gets angry and insults Chakor. The men hold Chakor, which angers Suraj a lot.

The man slaps Chakor and pushes her away. Chakor gets hurt. Suraj can’t see that. Suraj holds Chakor and stands to defend. He scolds the players to think they are brave by insulting a girl. He asks them to come and fight with him now. Suraj shouts on them and he gets angry. Suraj then wins the match while using his anger. Chakor hugs Suraj. Suraj wins a pair of clothes for himself. Tejaswini is happy for Suraj. Suraj wins the match, but gets in bad state.


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