Gaura neutralizes Vidya’s plans in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

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Gaura gets to know that Vidya found a clue against her. Gaura scolds Vidya and snatches the evidence against her. Gaura slaps Vidya. She says I told Kokila not to tell my truth to anyone, but whom did Kokila say, to you….. She laughs on Vidya for being so weak. Vidya got the bomb remote which Gaura was using to blast Modi house.

Gaura threatens Vidya that she will not leave the Modi family. Vidya tries to fight back, but fails. Gaura hurts her and gets the remote back. Gaura tells Vidya that she has killed Ahem to take revenge of her brother’s death. She asks why did Kokila ruin her brother’s life. She admits her crimes and tells Vidya that she will ruin everyone’s lives. She tells Vidya that none can free her now, Kokila has accepted Ahem’s death, but she can’t bear when entire family dies. She ties Vidya to stop her from informing family.






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