Kokila escapes from prison in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Kokila beats a prison inmate. She has lost all her temper. She tells the lady that today my family needs me, none can beat me today and none can stop me. She fights with the lady, who attacked her on Gaura’s orders. Kokila then gets beaten up by the constable.

Kokila stops the constable and takes the stick from her. She says I got the power in myself, which is given by my Lord to save my family. She prays and beats constable. Kokila finds a way to run from the jail. Her idea fails at first, but then she succeeds to escape. Gopi senses Kokila is in trouble and calls jail. Constable says Kokila is fine. Gopi asks who called our home from there. Constable says maybe call was made by mistake, you can’t talk to Kokila right now. Gopi worries for Kokila.



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