Naina’s big favor on Raghav in Pardes


Raghav and Naina have a clash. Raghav’s words have hurt her. Naina scolds him and asks him to see how badly he changed. She says you got blind by richness, how can he think everyone else is fraud and just he is the true person in the world. She confronts him and tells him truth. She makes him realize his mistakes.

She says you forgot your goodness, you just care for your ego and anger, you did not see what’s happening, you got Dilraj arrested, you think she is supporting me to harm Dadi. Raghav blames her for harming Dadi. He asks her how dare you take Dadi with you without asking me, how can you insult me, you want to trap Dadi, I won’t let this happen.

Naina tells him that Dadi was alone and nurse was not attending her, Dadi was getting seizures, how could I leave Dadi in that state, I had to save Dadi’s life. Raghav regrets and apologizes to her. She asks him to get Dilraj freed right away. Raghav calls police and asks inspector to free Dilraj. Naina tells him that anything could have happened in his misunderstanding, if Dilraj makes me leave the house, how will I find a house in this state, how can I answer people about my pregnancy, what if the baby gets harmed. She is worried that her baby will suffer because of Raghav. Raghav cares for her and gives her water to calm her down. Will Raghav help Naina? Keep reading.


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