Niddhi creates troubles for Gulabo in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Shagun has changed now and she is very happy that everyone is caring for her. Niddhi has taken typical Jassi look and entered Mani’s house as Mani’s employee. She argues with Gulabo and says I have arranged many functions, I have more experience. She scolds Gulabo. Mani manages the situation and sends Gulabo to take care of Pihu.

Adi and Romi came as Tamil guys and serve the soft drinks to the ladies. Romi turns face away to get saved from Mrs. Bhalla. Adi gives the drink to Aaliya. She refuses and asks him to go. Aaliya does not recognize him. Adi tries to talk to her.

Gulabo takes a fruit which was kept for Shagun’s baby shower function. Everyone gets angry on Gulabo. Ishita and Mihika take care of all the puja items. Mihika tells Ishita and everyone that she has kept seven fruits and one is missing. Lady scolds Mihika and tells her that all seven fruits were for puja and Shagun had to eat it, why did you make fun of puja by being careless. Ishita says maybe a kid has eaten it. Niddhi in disguise tells Ishita that Gulabo has taken the orange, not any kid. The lady asks how did Gulabo take the fruit without asking, call her, I will ask her. Ishita goes to call Gulabo to answer everyone. How will Raman manage? Keep reading.


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