Niddhi attempts to kill Shagun in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Shagun is happy seeing the baby shower ceremony happening with everyone’s best wishes. Niddhi plans to kill Shagun’s child and adds poison in the sweet dish. Niddhi is already blackmailing Mani and making him workout her evil plans. Mani has helped Niddhi escape from prison and did not know he has become part of Niddhi’s big crime. Ishita and Mihika are with Shagun, and take care of her. Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla have a talk.

Mrs. Bhalla compliments the saree Ishita is wearing. Ishita asks why are you pulling my leg, you have gifted this saree to me. Mrs. Bhalla asks when did I gift you the saree. Raman has gifted the saree to Ishita by Mrs. Bhalla’s name. Ishita says I know you have seen me liking this saree, I did not buy this and you gifted this to me. Mrs. Bhalla tells Ishita that she did not buy the saree for her. Shagun gets hungry. Ishita suggests her to have something as rituals still have some time. Mihika makes Paisam for Shagun. Ishita goes to get some food for Shagun.

Niddhi goes to Mihika and offers her help. Mihika asks her to go, she will handle her work. Niddhi says Mani has given me holiday today, I have no office work, I want to make food for Shagun as she has convinced Mani to let me stay in this house. She tells Mihika that Shagun has given her a roof and helped her a lot. Mihika agrees to take her help. Mihika goes. Niddhi adds poison in sweets and gives it to Shagun. Ishita tells Mrs. Bhalla that Shagun’s face is glowing today. Before Shagun could eat it, Ishita takes the Paisam from her and tells Shagun that it will lead to acidity. She does not let Shagun eat it. Niddhi gets angry seeing her plan flopping. She thinks to make Ishita leave first.

Adi is angry as everyone is not letting him meet Aaliya. Adi is made to do much work and gets tired and frustrated. Romi stops Adi from arguing. Adi says I will not do any work, I don’t want your money. Romi asks Adi to come with him, and apologizes to organizer. Aaliya happily dances in the ceremony. Adi meets Aaliya and tells her that he has come to meet her. Aaliya says anyone can see you. Adi says you have challenged me to come here. They have a romantic moment.


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